Henrik Skriver is a carpenter, a journyman and a modern naver.


Henrik has a basic ten-year education from a Danish public school.

After that he had a four-year apprenticeship as a carpenter. His training took place in the city of Roskilde, where he was apprenticed to a master carpenter. During that period he also attended a technical school for six month, where he learned construction theory and had practical training in drafting and designing different ways to build houses. For his final journeyman's piece required to become a certified carpenter, he had to draft all the plans for a specified wooden construction and then build it.

Afterwards he studied for two year at the Superior Technical School Haslev Teknikum, where he took courses in technology, media, and culture, which are the basics required for further studies to obtain a M.Sc. in engineering.

Henrik then decided to take a break from his studies, and in 1999 he joined the naver society. He wants to resume his studies in 2002 and expects to be finished in 2007.

When he finishes his life as a wandering journeyman in August 2002, he will have four more years to go before he finishes his studies. Altogether his studies will have lasted for approximately 13 years.

Journeyman and a modern naver.

Henrik Skriver is a member of the German society Vereinigung der rechtschaffenen fremden Zimmerer- und Schieferdeckergesellen Deutschlands, which is located in Hamburg.

Members of this organisation are dressed in black or white clothes. They carry all their belongings over the shoulder, they travel by foot with a wooden walking stick in their hand, and they wear a special black tie. The black tie and leather reinforcements is the most important characteristic of this organisation. It tells you that you are standing before an honest and honourable person with no criminal record, who lives in accordance with the ethic rules of the organisation. Those ethic rules are strictly observed by the members, wherever in the world they may be.

The naver must be a certified craftsman. In former days a journeyman was required to work and live as naver for at least three years, before he could become a master craftsman with his own workshop. In Europe navers may be skilled craftsmen in various trades, such as carpenters, blacksmiths, plumbers etc.

Henrik Skriver is a certified carpenter, and as a member of the society he has to work and live like a naver for a minimum of three years and one day. Probably he will stay a little longer. He intends to come home in August 2002.

He works wherever he can find employment, he lives wherever he can find a place to sleep, and he goes on a holiday whenever he likes. He carries only his most important belongings: two sets of clothes, underwear, socks, one pair of shoes, and a bundle with toilet articles and some food. No plastic bags, no mobile phone, no wristwatch, etc. Everything is as in the olden days. However, he has personal insurance which covers him 24 hours a day and everywhere in the world.


Henrik Skriver has to journey about for a minimum of three years and one day. During that time he must not visit his home and must not come nearer to it than 50 km.
Henrik has in the past years travelled as journeyman in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and Canada.
The subexts are in Danish, but hopefully the pictures speak for themselves.

More Information.

If you want to know something more specific about the country, Holbaek, Roskilde or anything else, do not hesitate to call or send Henrik Skriver or Erik Skriver an email.

Returning from the journey, Henrik completed his studies as constructor and later as construction economist - two higher educations in denmark.

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